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This conversation is FREE -- I will help you get you get clear on what's REALLY keeping you stuck as a mom. It will last about 45 min and is very powerful.

"Our phone call today, it was a more elevated and soulful hour than the many hours I went to counseling. And I liked going to counseling a lot, and had a lot of good things from it. But you have connected with me in a deep place and space. I’m already starting to learn that my peace and joy and deep happiness and contentment come from me, not anyone else or a specific set of circumstances."

I look forward to serving you. x

Don't see a time that works? Email [email protected], and we'll try to accommodate you or get you on the wait list.

These Moms Started with an Epiphany Call Too...

“I was in a really dark place... A lot of negative internal self talk and feeling down about everything — my husband, family, relationships, friends, everything. I was feeling really lost, really helpless. My anger was completely uncontrollable….  I had tried a million things already, and some of them would work temporarily, but nothing that felt like it made a real internal shift in me. 

Now, I have energy — more awareness, more clarity, and I’m feeling JOY again, which is amazing! I’m much more patient and loving with myself, and that’s stemmed out in my relationship with my kids, my husband… lIfe feels good and fun. And I feel very confident in the changes I've made for myself, and it all feels so accessible."

"I couldn't really pinpoint another time in my life when everything felt so aligned -- in myself, my being, my growth, in everyone in my family... in all areas! It's that powerful. THANK YOU. And I honor MYSELF for doing it because it's huge, and it really is life-changing."

"After having my daughter, I felt that I had fallen apart on the inside while trying to keep it all together on the outside. This way of life felt awful and unbearable. My daughter's cries would trigger a lot of self doubt and fears followed by guilt. As a family therapist this really shattered my confidence and kept me from wanting to practice. I wasn't present for anyone including myself, and this left me feeling very sad and guilty.

Now, I experience joy in my relationship with my daughter and all other relationships every single day ... Anxious thoughts are no longer controlling me or getting in the way of me relating to the people in my life that I cherish and love. I am no longer triggered by my daughters cries ... I no longer blame myself for her feelings. This is the biggest celebration of all!!!”

"This morning was freaking amazing. When I opened my eyes at the end of the practice I literally felt like I just came back from a trip. As if I physically went away somewhere and came back. The break I’ve been wanting!!! Today I definitely noticed when I was starting to lose focus and was able to reign it in. And I definitely feel as if my mind is clearer and lighter. It’s amazing. Thank you thank you." 


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