The Fully Present Mom is an online community of moms who have made the decision to shift...

From overwhelm and burnout...

To being the true leader of their families...

And designing a family life of joy and peace -- from the inside out. 


Hi, I'm Lauren Buck. 

I'm the founder and head coach at the Fully Present Mom.

I'm a conscious parenting coach and yoga therapist. I've mentored with Dr. Sheflai Tsabary (author of The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family), and trained with master teachers in yoga and meditation.  


And this is the question that drives me:

How do we parent as the person we CHOOSE to be, rather than as the person our conditioning as led us to become?

How do we parent without shaming or spanking or manipulation... if we were shamed or spanked or manipulated in our own childhoods?

How do we speak to our children with firm kindness and understanding - but also firmness... if the way we speak to ourselves inside is cruel?



Here's the truth:

 You can't teach your child to be someone you don't yet know how to be. 

And you can't become you choose to be if you don't believe it's possible. 

Conscious parenting is an inside job. 


Are you ready to lead your family to more ease and fun?

Then do what leaders do: go first.

Do the inner work on yourself. Then the rest becomes easy.









Take a step toward your dream.

I invite you to watch our free training.

Or, if you're ready to get serious about how to create this for yourself, book a free call with me

"I couldn't really pinpoint another time in my life when everything felt so aligned -- in myself, my being, my growth, in everyone in my family... in all areas! It's that powerful. THANK YOU. And I honor MYSELF for doing it because it's huge, and it really is life-changing."



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