The Fully Present Mom

Does conscious parenting feel like "permissive" parenting? 

Are you nodding along with Dr. Shefali and Brene Brown... but frustrated when you don't seem to have any control?

Or constantly worry you're going to "screw your kid up"?

It's exhausting. We know. We've been there. And we can help.

[You're right: It doesn't need to be so complicated!]

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"I can't even tell you how life changing this has been."

"I feel so free, vibrant, liberated from the constant tension... I am in charge."


"Lauren's guidance has allowed me to reach levels of presence within myself that I didn't know existed."

Hi, I'm Lauren Buck.

The moms I help have read all the books. Many are coaches or health practitioners already.

They don't lack information. 

What they need is for someone to help them connect the dots. And show them their blind spots.

Because it is frustrating... and EXHAUSTING... to try to parent in a way that's different than how you were parented -- with no training

But if you're willing to train, then it's not only possible... it's FASCINATING. And eventually... even easy and fun.


Watch our latest training.


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