The Fully Present Mom

Feel like you've "lost yourself"?

Imagine having the ENERGY to do it all... and the clarity to CHOOSE not to. 

What does the family life of your dreams really look like? And are you ready to create it?

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How are you playing small as a mom?

What are you accepting as "normal" or "just the way it is"?

If feeling burnt out is "normal"...
If feeling disconnected from your kids, or too distracted to really enjoy them is "normal"...
And if feeling GUILTY about that is "just the way it is"...

What is that PREVENTING you from doing or being? What is your family missing out on... because you are stuck in that trap?

And how in the world is that okay with you?

There's no judgment here. None at all. I get where you're at. But if you don't allow yourself to go there... if you don't allow yourself to answer these questions...

Then how is it ever going to change? How are you ever going to wake up into something better? Something you actually want and choose?

Does that make sense?

So - let's go there. Allow yourself to sit with this question for a sec: What IS all the tiredness and overwhelm preventing you from doing or being?

You know the Marianne Williamson quote - "Your playing small does not serve the world..." ?

Let's bring it in a little bit... forget "the world" for a second. I'm suggesting that your playing small doesn't serve your FAMILY.

And to be clear - accepting "being exhausted" or "overwhelmed" or "getting through it" - hoping and assuming it'll get better one day... That's playing small.

Because... think back to a time in your life when you felt your MOST AWESOME. Maybe it was a graduation or traveling somewhere... maybe it was landing a dream job against all odds... maybe it was when you birthed your first child...

Do you have it in your mind?

Good. Now, what if THAT person were parenting your kids? What if THAT person were setting the tone in your home?

Every day that you accept being tired and run down and maybe even irritable (if you're there yet) as NORMAL... is a day that you're choosing to play small. A day that you're choosing NOT to show up as your most awesome self.

Because you ARE awesome, lady. We all are.

But how in the world are we ever going to show up feeling that way if we are accepting tired and burnt out as "normal"?

And if all that's keeping you playing small is not knowing how to get there, then are you gonna love what we have for you...

It's the 5 steps we take our mom clients through, so they go from feeling like they've 'lost themselves'... feeling full of energy and joy again, genuinely loving parenting and the home life they've created.

"I can't even tell you how life changing this has been."

"My energy level has increased. I feel stronger as a whole being. I am a calmer, happier person.
Lauren’s guidance has allowed me to reach levels of presence within myself that I didn’t know existed."

"I couldn't really pinpoint another time in my life when everything felt so aligned -- in myself, my being, my growth, in everyone in my family -- in all areas! It's that powerful. THANK YOU.

And I honor MYSELF for doing it because it really is life-changing."

"Now, I experience joy in all my relationships every single day ... Anxious thoughts are no longer controlling me or getting in the way of me relating to the people that I cherish and love."

"This program has transformed my entire being."


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